Full face using Revlon products – Rate or Mistake?

Full face using Revlon products – Rate or Mistake?

Walking round Boots last weekend with a basket full of goodies, I came across another 3 for 2 offer that well, went straight into my basket. I must say, Boots you my friend, never let me down with your fabulous deals! Ok back to the product review now. The products that drew me in are from Revlon and they consist of a foundation, concealer and highlighting stick. Two thoughs crossed my mind, full face using and product review, so here they both are. Now, I have never really tried many Revlon products so this is going to be a very honest first impression/review. I stood at the stand a while reading each product description, claim and shade matching. With fresh looking dewy skin being my go to look as of late, I got rather giddy about trying these out. (Click the photos to purchase any item)

What the brand says

Photo Ready Insta-Fix Foundation:

Revlon creates the instant skin retoucher. Light-Filtering Technology gives skin an instantly perfected, retouched look. Use all over the face, to conceal flaws, or for touch ups — Anytime, Anywhere.
Light to Medium Coverage

SPF 20

Available in 9 High Resolution Shades

Price £9.99


Photo Ready Insta-Fix highlighter Stick:

Revlon’s formula contains light filtering technology for a luminous glow.
Easy to apply with one swipe for a subtle look or build as desired for a more dramatic ‘strobed’ finish.

Makeup stick allows for perfectly precise application – even on the go!

Available 2 shades: Starlight & Champagne

Price £9.99



Photo Ready Concealer:

Helps erase imperfections and camouflage dark undereye circles.

Lightweight, creamy texture blends seamlessly.

Photochromatic pigments blend, reflect and diffuse light.

Soft luminous, finish.

Professionally designed formula and shades developed and tested under the harshest lighting and high definition conditions.

SPF 20.

Available in 3 shades.

Price £6.99.


First impressions

I love the packaging. The sleek black bottom with punchy white text is a contrast made in heaven and adding a pop of nude sealed the deal for me. I appreciated the clear caps, visible product made shade matching easier for me. The fact that these all came in stick form was a turn on. I have been wanting to try a stick foundation for a while now so, this opportunity was not one I was going to deprive myself of. Stick concealers and I are a whole other story! I normally find that on me, the consistency of stick concealers tends to pull at the delicate under eye area making it not only show my eye bags but also pink hues created trying to conceal said bags. I was not going to hold that against the poor Revlon concealer though. 

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What I was slightly disappointed with was the limited shade range. 9 shades do sound a lot but the pinkie undertone (helloo rosie sisters and brothers!) and deeper skin toned peeps of this world, will struggle to match with the vast options of yellow based light to medium products. When you see the products in person you will understand what I mean by 9 is not enough. This however did not deter me and I located my nearest matches. Saying hello 130 Shell and 002 light, I welcomed them into the makeup family with open arms!



The following morning, I finally got to test these babies out properly, 12 hours felt far too long!

After prepping the skin, I set about applying foundation. I swiped on some stripes and set about pummelling my face silly with a damp beauty blender. First I noticed the chemical smell being emitted from the product itself, granted it was not over powering nor was it traceable once on the skin but I did notice it. The product amount is coming in at 0.24oz/6.8g, it is an ok amount of product but I do remember thinking this will not last me 2 weeks. The concealer and highlighter both smelt of chemicals until applied to the skin and again small ish amount of product.

The consistency of all these products floored me! They feel like a soft cream, they glide onto the skin with minimal pressure and blend out beautifully. Both the foundation and concealer have an almost wet like feel to them which is not what I expected at all. The Beauty blender mentioned earlier lasts all of 5 minutes before I reverted to ye old faithful, Mr buffing brush. The use of a blending sponge proved a little difficult to well, blend. Synthetic brushes are the route to a super fast and flawless base. The highlighter has a different texture, it lacks the wet like sensation. It has a little pull when applying to the skin and less of a creamy.

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I would say Revlon was bang on with their description of  coverage. The first application was sheer coverage  but I found it very easy to build up until I felt comfortable. I love the finish of these two wonder sticks, applies like a thick cream but instantly begins to feel slightly chalky (in a good way) leaving you with a soft semi matte finish that you feel will last a long time. great colour payoff from all 3! The highlighter leaves a golden dewy glow on the high points of the face that blends seamlessly into the foundation. I would have purchased the lighter shade as I find this leaves a bronze like hue under the shimmer, perfect of deeper skin tones but not this vampire-esk looking lady. It does however look beautiful. The ever so slightly deeper tone difference is not issue if you bronze up your skin.


The nitty gritty

Photo ready? Well here is the test…..

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I am very impressed with how the trio photographed on the skin. No flashback was experienced even with the SPF20 in the product! The skin was left looking and feeling fresh. Face looked luminous both in front of and behind the camera as a result of these products. Wear time was good, I managed a solid 5 hours before noticing the day of running around like a headless chicken take its toll upon my makeup. Wear time was aided with the help of translucent powered and setting spray.

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Final thoughts & recommendations

I really really really enjoyed how these looked and felt on the skin. The lightweight feel was a pleasure and the ease of use was a dream. I would highly recommend these products for beginners! If you are like me and can not wake early enough to cake on your face because sleep is life, then these will work well for you. Acne sufferers,  this may not be the coverage for you unless you choose to spot correct first. It does seem like it may cling to dry patches of skin therefore hydration is vital before this foundation. Take your time and effort to test out the samples when shade selecting if you have a none neutral undertone like myself. I believe my £20, give or take a penny or 2, has been well spent. Revlon, I applaud your products and I look forward to purchasing some more to enjoy!


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