Beginners guide running a profitable blog

Beginners guide running a profitable blog

Take a look behind the scenes and the tools used to run this profitable blog. I accredit each of these tools to what is fast becoming a large portion of my monthly income.

I am about to lay it all on the table or should I really say screen? Either way please do not feel that you NEED each and every one of these programs, resources or even object to be successful. Personally, I started off small and I mean small, just me and a laptop and my iPhone.

Now, I have the luxury of using these resources to aid me with the smooth sailing of running Lazygirllloves.

With that all being said, let’s get into it.

Where I get my Domain & Hosting

I initially started with WordPress free, like most people do. Granted, that was in January 2017 and by February 2017 it was picking up quick! By the End of February, I was signing up for iPage and becoming self-hosted. The reasons I chose to go with iPage  and not any other highly popular hosts was honestly the price & reviews. I could sit here and relay hundreds of 5* reviews but I can tell you from experience that iPage assisted me through every step of my learning curve AND then some. One HUGE bonus is that it costs as little as £1.50 per month and 30 day money-back guarantee, no joke! 


My WordPress Theme & graphics

This pretty little theme you see is from pipdig. The theme is call opulence and I love it! For all my other themes and ways to enhance my images for Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest I use two amazing programs. One is Canva and the other is Creative Market which go hand in hand beautifully! The possibilities are endless with these platforms.

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creative market

Equipment I use

Of course I could not do any of this without a laptop. I began blogging with the HP laptop  which had seen me through 3 years of university and the start of lazygirllloves. My purple friend still lives on it is just semi retired. I recently upgraded to the Apple MacBook Air . I switched mostly due to the fact that I have always wanted one however the functionality of the Mac is awesome, it is so lightweight, portable and super fast loading. For my images I use my new baby Panasonic DMC-G7MEB-K Lumix G. This beauty also create amazing quality videos, which is awesome for my Youtube channel

I also have a handy external 1 TB Portable Hard Drive to store ALL of my videos, photos and blog backups because you never know what may happen!

Building & Managing my email list

I am currently using ConvertKit for all my automated mail needs and also email subscriber sign up. I love the ease and simplicity of this program. When I say simplicity I do not mean it only does the basics, this program is very detailed but it honestly does the work for you while teaching the what is what. I now have a system in place that is not only able to determine between bloggers or blog readers but also if said subscriber is an affiliate of the blog. It is a superb and vital part of my set up.

How I deliver my products

Speaking of affiliates…

I currently deliver my e book Lazy Bloggers Guide: Social Media Promotion through SendOwl. I chose to use SendOwl because it is very easy to use for both myself, buyers and affiliates. You can join here. 

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Social Media Marketing, Scheduling & automation

Social media no matter how fun it is can be distracting an highly time consuming when you are a blogger. I prefer to keep things as automated as possible and still stay in control. This balance had proven to be difficult until I found the following programs. BoardBooster for Pinterest, this program is un-real! not only does it automatically pin for me but also loops older pins to increase exposure. Tailwind for Instagram, now programs can not post automatically to Instagram for you but the cool features of Tailwind rock. They have the suggested hashtag and saved tag which is a life saver! You can also use Tailwind for Pinterest, this allows you to schedule your pins for optimal pin timing AND save groups of boards. This means all off my personal and group blogging boards receive MY blog related pins on different days at optimal pinning time.

Pinterest was a huge struggle for me to figure out initially as was affiliate marketing but I sought out help and boy was I glad I did! Jennifer from Potpiegirl was a lifesaver and taught me so much about Pinterest with Pinterest Success Strategies, so much so I moved on to Advanced Pinterest Tips not long after. My Pinterest profile is smashing over 200,00o viewers a month . Elise from House of Brazen changed the way I look at blogging, this woman managed to teach me affiliate marketing so fast that I made my first sale in only 24hrs! could not have asked for a better outcome. 


Amanda xx


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