The Best Facial Oil for Dry skin

The Best Facial Oil for Dry skin

During the colder times of year or super warm climates that can cause dry skin, we often look to add in that much needed extra moisture to our skin. Facial Oil are great for a super charged hydra boost. Keeping skin hydrated fights the signs of ageing and gives a flawless base for the makeup times!

Should I?

Facial oils can be an area of concern for some as it is believed they are thick, greasy and pore clogging. Today, facial oils are made specifically of super fine ingredients. They are made specifically to nourish, hydrate and treat the skin. For a person who suffers with acne prone and combination (oily/dry) skin, I swear by them. By adding 3 small drops to your routine could infact be the answer to your dry skin prays! Here is my skinformation stories Cold weather and its problem causing ways!   and The guide to radiant & youthful skin

It’s all about the money 

Combatting the dry skin this winter can cost as much or as little as you wish. Low cost does not mean low quality however the general rule of thumb is, the more the pay the more you get. Most higher end brands pack products full of high quality multipurpose ingredients whereas lower end brands strip things back to the natural ingredients that pack a punch. So basically it is all about personal preference. 

These are the best facial oil that will nourish your dry skin.

Low cost, superb quality 


When skin is extra dry, facial Oils are great to use for much needed moisturising or to add into your regular moisturizer to give it an extra boost.


Face Oil for Mature Skin Bulgarian Rose Absolute

Two plant oils provides strong nourishing action that improves skin hydration and neutralize free radicals. Stimulate the elimination of old cells while promoting the growth of new ones. Preserve freshness and smooth the wrinkles leaving it supple, smooth and hydrated.

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Organic Tamanu Oil and Vitamin E (100ml). Cold-pressed and natural. 

Tamanu Facial Oil is a wonderfully rich, very thick and unrefined nutty oil. Making this facial oil is perfect for sensitive skin in addition to dry skin and also eczema-prone skin. This oil can also be used on stretch marks and makes a fabulous after-sun soothing oil furthermore it gives skin a dewy non-greasy glow due to the vitamins E.


Naissance Virgin Avocado Oil 100ml 100% Pure

Contains 100% Pure Avocado Oil, Oleic Acid, vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium.  A moisturiser which may help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Good for moisturising your body, face, hands, and cracked heels. 


L’Oreal Nutri Gold Extraordinary Oil 30ml

The L’Oreal Nutri Gold Extraordinary Facial Oil 30ml is sure to give your skin a renewed look of radiance and striking smoothness. Nutri Gold is non-greasy making it perfect for all skin types due to its 8 refined essential oils. Because of its super charged ingredients it provides your face with the necessary minerals and essential moisture boost. 


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil 

A powerful blend of 10 pure precious oils including Retinol, Vitamin C and the exclusive Cetesomate-E® Complex. This facial oil restores oils along with natural Cocoa Butter to boost hydration. Retinol and Vitamin C deliver multi-purpose, moisture and anti-aging skin benefits. Retinol and Vitamin C help improve and brighten tone and texture. The lightweight, non-greasy formula that absorbs quickly.



The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

100% Pure musk rose seed oil, cold pressed and organic. The musk rose seed oil is rich in linoleic acid, linoleic acid and pro-vitamin A. For Dry Skin, Any Age.


YES TO Argan Miracle Oil 

The Yes To Argan Miracle Oil harnesses the powers of natural ingredient Argan Oil.  Brimming with antioxidants and essential nutrients to unveil a healthy, hydrated-looking radiance. This lightweight, non-greasy oil quickly absorbs and can be used anywhere on the body in need of a little TLC. 99% Natural ingredients. 


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Popular but Pricier  


TRILOGY Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil is nature’s way to achieve beautiful skin. Works to minimise the appearance of wrinkles and dramatically improve skin moisture levels with the help of this killer ingredient list: omega 3, 6 and 9, essential fatty acids. Also boasts antioxidants to restore optimum skin health, leaving the skin’s appearance radiant and glowing.


NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi Usage Dry Oil

A luxurious dry oil that nourishes that not only repairs and softens your skin but your hair too. Formulated with a unique cocktail of Vitamin E and six precious plant oils such as camellia, hazelnut, boarge, St Johnswort, sweet almond and macadamia. In addition to Tsubaki Oil that creates a free-radical fighting shield, combats daily pollutants. This oil offers ultimate hydration to leave skin sumptuously soft and hair ultra glossy.


PIXI Rose Oil Blend

Perfect for massaging into the skin or adding to your moisturiser. This nourishing facial oil features a botanical blend with a powerful complex of youth-preserving oils. The skin is rejuvenated with improved elasticity and a youthful glow. Infused with Sweet Almond, Rosehip, Jojoba, Pomegranate Seed and Rose Geranium Oils, which leave your complexion nourished, comforted and smooth



CAUDALIE Vine[Activ] Over Night Detox Oil

Helping to detoxify, refresh and smoothen your skin. This 100% natural concentrate combines a cocktail of five essential oils and three 3 plant oils to purify, nourish and protect your skin. Lavender, White Sandalwood and Carrot essential oils calm, fight irritation and redness and detoxify. Rose Musc and Sweet Almond plant oils prevent wrinkles and boost radiance. Melting effortlessly in with no greasy feeling. The oil utilises antioxidant-rich Grapeseed Oil to nourish and repair whilst protecting against pollution and free radical attacks. Skin feels detoxified, revitalised and comfortable come morning.

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ELEMIS Super Food Facial Oil 

A 100% natural treatment that works to re-energise and ‘feed’ your skin with essential superfood nutrients. Infused with a cocktail of aromatic essential oils. Promotes a brighter, more radiant and youthful-looking complexion. Its combination of antioxidant and fatty acid-rich Broccoli Seed Oil and moisture sealing Flaxseed Oil. Works in synergy to hydrate and soothe the skin, whilst easily absorbed Daikon Radish melts deep within to nourish from the inside out. Expect a soft, supple and revitalised complexion.




Suitable for all skin types, this lightweight moisturiser gently softens your skin also improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Formulated with squalene allowing the oil to penetrate deep into your skin to provide intensive hydration that absorbs quickly however still allows your skin to breath. Furthermore your skin will be left nourished, your skin will also have improved elasticity for a firmer, smoother and more youthful-looking complexion.

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  1. 16/10/2017 / 5:39 PM

    I have been loving facial oils for the past year. I think I have tried at least one new one a month. I have been obsessed with rose based oils lately, and have noticed a big difference in the tone of my skin. Great selection of oils!

    Ashlee |

  2. 16/10/2017 / 6:10 PM

    Great post! I think I want to try all of them.

  3. 16/10/2017 / 6:31 PM

    I don’t which I would try, My skin is odd. Its oily in the T zone but dry on my cheek bones and near the hairline. Do you think these could be used to togther in the focused areas?

    • 16/10/2017 / 7:16 PM

      Adding small amounts of oil to your skins routine has been known to help with reducing oil production. Your skin type sounds like mine and I use the ordinary 100% rose hip seed oil all over my face daily. My skin loves the stuff.

  4. 16/10/2017 / 6:40 PM

    I need to get my facial oil back out now that winter is coming, great suggestions

  5. 16/10/2017 / 7:10 PM

    I’m new to facial oils, but I’m in love with them already. Currently I’m using an amazing product from Bodhi & Birch (Desert Rose Facial Oil ) but I’d love to try the above mentioned avocado oil product or the Elemis one. They seem amazing too.

    • 16/10/2017 / 7:17 PM

      I’m very excited about trying out the avocado oil too! Rose oils are fabulous

  6. 16/10/2017 / 7:31 PM

    Thank you for the information! I have been wanting to test out facial oils, but wasn’t sure which ones to buy! The avocado ones sounds great!

    • 16/10/2017 / 7:35 PM

      I’m excited to try out this avocado one too the reviews are great. I’ve tried others in the past x

  7. 16/10/2017 / 9:53 PM

    So many good oils here! I love The Ordinary and Trilogy ones. Rosehip oil is great for so many skin types!

  8. 17/10/2017 / 1:30 AM

    I had a friend this past year who taught me about using pure, natural oils not only to moisturize but to cleanse the face as well. These are looking like some great options for healthy facial oils!

  9. 17/10/2017 / 1:37 AM

    ive used argan oil for several years on my hair and skin and i love it!

  10. 17/10/2017 / 6:37 AM

    I’d love to try the Ikarou Anti Age for mature skins. I’m finding the older I get the drier my skin becomes and any miracle juice that will make these wrinkles of mine look a little less wrinkly works for me 😉

  11. 17/10/2017 / 6:48 AM

    I honestly never tried facial oils before and you’re right, my perception of oils were that they were heavy and sticky. I didn’t know they were actually light. Parts of my face are oily (the t zone) while other parts ate really dry. Living in Vegas does not help. I actually want to try this. lotion doesn’t seem to moisturize enough.

  12. 17/10/2017 / 6:48 AM

    I’ve been using a homemade serum with grapeseed oil & essential oils for th last few weeks, mostly to combat acne. In the winter, I tend to have an issue keeping my skin moisturized. I’ve been wanting to try products from The Ordinary. I didnt know Yes To had Argan oil. I’ll hav to try it!

  13. 17/10/2017 / 11:49 AM

    I have a combination skin but I do apply facial oil in winter time. I really want to try the pixi one because I like all things ‘rose’ 🙂


  14. 17/10/2017 / 5:02 PM

    I’d love to try all of these oils! In fact I really enjoying trying any sort of new cosmetic or beauty product but my skin is shouting at me already, I have fairly oily skin so I think I will avoid these even though they look so indulgent and lovely! No fair, hehe 🙂

  15. 17/10/2017 / 7:09 PM

    I have combination skin, and used rose oil from Pixi, and it was really good for my skin.

  16. 18/10/2017 / 7:16 AM

    These look so nice. I also have combination skin and I love rose oil. Winter weather is especially hard on skin and oils can help alot.

  17. 18/10/2017 / 8:32 AM

    This has been so helpful! I am awful when it comes to buying or even knowing what to buy with skincare, I really love the sound of the Original one… thanks for sharing,
    Samantha xx |

  18. 18/10/2017 / 9:57 AM

    With winter round the corner, your post on facial oils is extremely timely.
    Thanks for the round-up. Willl check these out.

  19. Shubhada Bhide
    18/10/2017 / 10:32 AM

    This is such a great suggestion for me. Especially winter is coming. I will give it a try.

  20. Candy Rachelle
    18/10/2017 / 2:29 PM

    Even though my family does not suffer with dry skin, we still use the Palmer’s Oil. We’ve been using it for a while and love it…esp my daughter!

  21. Elizabeth O
    18/10/2017 / 4:49 PM

    Those are such a great product for those who have dry skin. I really love to try Pixi product. It looks so interesting. and I have heard but good things about this product.

    • 18/10/2017 / 7:00 PM

      I adore the smell of Nuxe products

  22. Claire
    18/10/2017 / 7:09 PM

    What a great list! Some of these are definitely for me, my face is always dry! I think oils are great for your skin. It soothes it.

  23. 20/10/2017 / 11:26 PM

    The virgin avocado oil is something I would try simply because it seems more natural. I’m very picky with what I put on my face.