Capsule Wardrobe for Spring

Capsule Wardrobe for Spring

If you are overwhelmed with clothing chaos or just curious about the benefits of dressing with less and simplifying your wardrobe, this article will help you build a capsule wardrobe for spring.

The definition of a capsule wardrobe …

  • a collection of clothes and accessories that include only items considered essential
  • a person’s basic collection of coordinating clothes that can be used to form the basis of outfits for all occasions
  • a set of clothing, normally around 24 items, which can be mixed and matched to create a wide variety of outfits.


Before I started dressing with less, I remember thinking a handbag I saw in a would-be prefect to complete an outfit. I thought getting an amazing deal in a sale would make me happy, but it never did. I always wanted/ needed more.

The secret to having it all is literally recognizing everything that you already have. Take time to appreciate what is in your wardrobe.


Tips about how to build a perfect capsule wardrobe.

Remember this is YOUR capsule wardrobe and should be tailored to your individual style that means let it be messy at first. Your capsule wardrobe will not work for everyone and that is fine because you are tailoring it to you needs. Remember to dress for your body shape and lifestyle and figure out what your needs are along the way.

Be Brave

The idea of whittling my clothing collection down to only 24 items scared the living daylights out of me, so I opted to save 35 however you can stick with 24 if you like.

A small collection of 35 items including clothing, jewellery, accessories and shoes that encourage you to wear your favorite things every day. This is not on trend items or the most stylish things just your favourite things.



I highly recommend experimenting with 4 seasonal capsule collections a year Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Many of your basic items that you love will more than likely cross over into each of your capsule wardrobes for example basic t-shirts. Before we jump into the how, let’s start with the why.


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3 reasons to build a capsule wardrobe

Figure out what matters.

Living and dressing with less helps you reconnect and remember. Sometimes to figure out what matters you have to get rid of everything that doesn’t. It also helps to reduce the amount of shopping you carryout and in turn reduces your monthly expenditure.

Reduce decision fatigue.

Deciding what to wear requires mental energy better spent on other things. You get to wear your favourite things every day and it boost productivity by reducing the times spent trying on outfit options each day.

Create more space.

As much as we hate to admit it our clothing takes up a vast amount of space that could be utilized is a more valuable way.

How to build your capsule wardrobe.


Place all of your clothes, accessories, jewelry, and shoes you own on your bed. Yes, I really mean all of it. If it’s sat there on your bed, you’ll be highly motivated to finish before bedtime.

Seeing every last item that you own is an important. Look at what you own, think about what you’ve spent over the years, and what you never wear. Take that time to recognize how if makes you feel and what you can do differently this time around.


This is where you need to toughen up! It is time to sort the clothes on your bed to piles on the floor with a ruthless mind set. No thinking about each item, just go with your gut reaction. Sort items into the following piles:

  • Love: They fit me well, they co-ordinate well and I wear them frequently.
  • Maybe: I want to keep this, but I don’t know why. (you may have many of these items)
  • Donate: These items don’t fit my body or my lifestyle anymore.
  • Bin: These items are in poor condition.
  • Keep going until your bed is clear. 
  • Box or bag up your items to donate and place them to your car or garage.
  • Throw out the “bin” pile.
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Take a second pass at your two remaining piles (love & maybe). Try on your maybe pile, you know, the ones that you aren’t sure about and ask yourself:

  • Would I go out of my way to buy this today?
  • Will I wear this in the next 3-6 months (or ever)?

If the answer is no, then add them to your other items for donation.


Make a list of your 35 items by category. Start with the items you already use every day, and your go-to clothing items. This list will probably change over time due to seasons, or life situations change.

I know the following things are my usual go to items, so I started my list with these:


  • Jeans
  • leggings
  • dress
  • skirt
  • simple t-shirt or v-neck
  • button down shirt
  • jumper
  • dresses


  • bracelet
  • earrings
  • necklaces


  • sunglasses
  • scarf


  • flats
  • heels
  • sneakers

Building blocks

this list gives you a core group of 18 items and a huge 17 more to play with adding variety to your capsule wardrobe.

I personally do not wear much jewellery, so I have much more to play with when it comes to building up to my 35 items.

I do not factor in underwear, sleepwear, purses (because I collect these) or workout clothes, but workout clothes have to actually workout. If yoga pants spend more time running errands than sweating with me in the gym, they count as part of my 35.


Have some fun!

What 90’s did not want Cher Horowitz’s killer wardrobe that picks out your outfits for you? Well, it is time to make your wishes come true! Mix and match the variety of outfit options you now have and photograph them. Write each component on the photo for reference

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The amount of fun you can have jazzing up causal outfits or curating more classy evening outfits is endless. If you have the time you could even be the model in the photo, so you know exactly how it looks on your body. Do not forget to display them in your wardrobe for them snap decision kind of days


Do I have to give it all up?

Less sure as hell is not nothing.

Once you’ve cleared your bed, taken care of clothes that need to be moved elsewhere, and had fun creating your outfits with your 35 items, it is time to address the dreaded left overs and maybe pile. Instead of binning them, box them up and hide them for a while. A little separation goes a long way.

After 3 months of dressing with less, revisit the items boxed up. Use them for a future capsule, or if you feel differently about them, let them go.


My Capsule Wardrobe 

Core collection includes


White Boyfriend T-Shirt

Black Crew Neck T-Shirt

Check Shirt

Denim Shirt

Wrap Front Romper

Tan Suede Biker Jacket

Navy Swing Dress


Blue Skinny Jeans

Black Skinny Jeans

Distressed Denim Shorts


Black Western Boots

Black Sliders

White Sneakers

Options upon Options


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