Simple guide to choosing the right makeup for you – Cheat sheets

Simple guide to choosing the right makeup for you – Cheat sheets

Let’s face it, makeup can be daunting so, I am coming at you with the ultimate cheat sheets. We have all had that one makeup look that you see years down the line and hang your head in shame. Personally, I have had far too many moments like this in life, think white eye shadow and black kohl liner people….disaster!

first of all

You will need to know your skin tone. If you are not sure check out How to determine your skins undertone where I will teach you how.

I did it again

Today I am going to hook you up again, last time gave you easy skincare cheat sheets. We are going to say bye to shameful makeup looks and hello to flawless faces. These imaginative and highly detailed cheat sheets are going to get you picking the perfect shades right off the bat. Easy peasy

Shopping can be daunting, especially when it comes to makeup due to the fact that there are a HUGE number of products out on the market.  If we are honest with ourselves sometimes we just cannot be bothered and that is ok! It is super easy to fall into a routine of only buying certain shades of eye shadows, especially when you know it looks good however makeup is art people so live a little sometimes. Step of of the box, be daring but do it while being informed. Sometimes, I personally need a gentle reminder of what to do and that is where these come in. I have pinned till I can pin no more and I keep one of these on my noticeboard to give me a nudge.

The fountain of knowledge

Pinterest was the place to be for the very best makeup cheat sheets and I collected a LOT of clever makeup guides here on our Pinterest board. On this page, you’ll find my very favourite, ideas, directions, and I may even share my favourite products that I use.


Flush them cheeks to perfection with this handy guide found on pretty designsblush shades for every skin toneMy go to shade for blush has to be Santa Rose by Rimmel which is a soft nude pink.

50 makeup tips every woman should know.


The guys at glaminati killed it with this helpful and printable chart. Stick in the same area of shades when buying and you will kill it every time. eyeshadow for every eye colourMy green/blue eyes really shine using rich neutral browns in my favourite palette

Colour correction

Beautytidbits got colour correction down, cover any imperfection with this spot on guide. colour correction guideContour

Makeup Geek slay the contour game with their powders for all skin shades. You can not go wrong when buying because they are crazy affordable! Contour shades for all skin tonesLipstick

One thing to love about lipstick is the different formulations. You can switch up any look with a bold lip or keep is chic with nude. It is the finish that can give a WOW factor. A perfect example would be a bold matte vampy red, looks sultry and adds a depth of smoulder to your look. Lip colours, lips shed for skin tone, lip stick chart Instagram and posts such as Makeup products for a Summer Glow  do not forget to hit that like button, share with your besties and have a fantastic day! perfect nude lipsticks  lots of love