Dealing With Your Not So Successful Resolutions



Resolutions are the thing that we make for ourselves whenever the new year is upon us. It’s a way of saying – don’t worry about last year – here’s to looking forward and starting again. Whether you’re trying to cut down on your bad habits, or want to begin something new – now is a better time than any. Resolutions make us feel hopeful and motivated to do better things. – To get smarter, or fitter, or richer. Whatever it may be, everyone has their own idea as to what they need to do.


The problem is, it’s one thing to decide on making a change, and feeling empowered to do so… For the first few hours. – It’s a whole other task to maintain this current sensation you’re feeling, and putting that into action for the next coming months. – It’s hard! There are so many distractions out there that make us weak. The key is to ignore them and carry on to reach the end goal… – Easier said than done right? – But not impossible.


Here are some of the most common resolutions, along with how you can keep up with them. It’s not too late!!   

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Dieting is one of those things that a lot of us know we should probably start doing. And yet, the idea of it is so traumatic that we can’t bear to think of it. But really, maintaining your new year diet isn’t as hard as a lot of you think. The most difficult thing is having to ignore all the goodies that are calling your name in the grocery store, but if you still manage to do that, then you’re on a golden path. If you don’t have naughty distractions in your home – how are you going to get distracted?

Then comes the motivation to make meals. A lot of eating healthily means preparing the dishes – not just heating them up in the microwave – because it includes using fresh ingredients. Now, this can be very daunting, especially if you aren’t that skilled in the cooking department – but don’t let this by your excuse! There are tones of programs on the tv, and sites to look at online, that give you some really simple recipes to follow that are not only healthy – but delicious too. By following these, you can improve your overall skill, as well as getting closer to a healthier life.



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Working out

Oh the joy of feeling that burn when you walk up the stairs, or the pain in your stomach when you cough… On a serious note though – if that’s your excuse for not working out – don’t even try. Working out hurts like hell after the first couple of days – true, but that’s only because all of your lazy muscles are asking what the hell is going on! It’s normal. Give it a week or so, and your body will soon adapt and get to work. You see, it’s one thing to eat healthily, but if you combine that with working out – you’re on a roll. You’ll be able to tone up and be proud to wear that bikini in the summer, rather than wrapping a towel around yourself because ‘you’re shy’. But not only that, your mind will benefit from the sudden rush of endorphins too, making you feel happy and euphoric, and who doesn’t want to feel like that? Plus, all your insides will appreciate it too. Your heart will pump harder, your blood will run smoother, and your lungs will breathe deeper.

It’s as easy as buying yourself a gym membership. You don’t want to waste money, do you? – Of course not, so you’ll use your membership as often as you can. But understandably, some people don’t feel comfortable getting all hot and sweaty in a gym surrounded by guys. In that case, workout at home. Start running around the block, or walk to the shops rather than driving (- saving the environment too!), or put on your best tunes and have a mad dance around your home.



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Save money

Saving up can be difficult, especially if you have a whole family to provide for. Having said that, there are many different hacks that you can add into your life that will save you some money. Even if it’s just a few pounds a week – it all adds up.

You can start by making a budget. You can do this by writing out all the things you spend your money on – don’t miss anything out. So this will usually be the bills (gas, water, electric, tv, internet, etc.) as well as the weekly shop. Any subscriptions you’re paying a month, whether that be a club for your children, or a magazine for yourself. Then all the little things that you spend on yourself or treat your family to. As you can see there’s a lot of things you’ll need to go over, so looking back at receipts is a good idea if you’re worried about accuracy.

Once that’s done, separate the list into sections. The essentials (like the bills and food shopping) and the non-essentials (like the sports channel on tv). Now, as hard as this may be, remove anything that isn’t essential. This doesn’t mean forever, just, for now. You will be amazed at the money you will start to save.



So as you can see, nothing is impossible. The hardest bit is trying to work out ways you can tackle that inner voice that keeps telling you to give up. But once you’ve managed to shut it up, you can work hard and make a difference. Remember, it shouldn’t feel as though you are punishing yourself. So in regards to maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle – you’re allowed a cheat day here and there. And with saving up your money – you’re allowed to treat yourself once in a while. Really, it’s just making sure that things are in moderation. As long as you aren’t going overboard on things every day, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy life to the max.


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