fighting anxiety & depression

fighting anxiety & depression

Anxiety and depression is so very common but you may never know its true meaning. Yes, you here about it a lot but do you really here or see it? Do you ever truly believe the person telling you they have it? Unless a person was showing visible signs of distress ,would you ever sit back and think I think there is something the matter with them?


These past few months have been a rollercoaster of what can only be describe as hell at times. I hate that I go through bouts of being ‘down’ as I call it. I hate that I put my loved ones through the worry, they can see it a mile away, my whole person changes. At work they see a small shift but nothing major, I don’t think. The last few weeks have been the hardest, these have been the major mile stones. We suffered as a family, the pressure of uni has come to its peak, I have has bouts of illness over and over again and many more things. I feel weak.

30% more fight

The world has taken its toll and I struggle to fight back, at times. I’d say 70% of my day, the fighter is out full force and boy do I pull up my socks and plough through the day and actually enjoy it. The rest of the day, you will find me sat in my room enjoying the peace and comfort of home as much as I can. I need to challenge my self a little more to fight for a little longer. I need a plan and the energy to execute it.

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Game plan 

Taking time fore yourself is always a good idea no matter if you suffer with depression or anxiety. I am not talking about just sitting down for 5 minutes and having slice of quiet, well actually I am. What I mean really take time to appreciate your time and self. I put so much pressure on myself to be the best person I can for everyone around me I forget about what I need to be for me. Learn to love yourself it a phrase I hear over and over again, I do love myself. I do not love the cards being dealt to myself or my family or even my friends. This world seems to need warriors at the moment because everyone I know and see on a daily basis is fighting some form of demon. 

anxiety and depression is contagious

No matter. what people say, it really is contagious! If you are surrounded by sad people or people who are stressed then you will feel the effects no matter what. Your day can be spent with the same 10 people and if just one of them is suffering. I guarantee this will cause your feelings to shift, even only for a little while. So, I have decided to spread some love and share some smiles. If I can make people smile even just for a short while then I have had an effect od someones day and well, this will have a profound effect on mine.


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