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I am super excited to share the launch of the Lazy Bloggers Guides with you all. The e-guides series are created to help bloggers succeed in this industry. 


Post more than once a week, promotion can be a struggle. Time to analyse the data from each group, board, tweet or post? NO?, the Lazy Bloggers Guide is just what you need because all the work is done for you! 

Join Facebook groups, Pinterest boards and Tailwind tribes with the click of a link. The pre written schedule allows users to follow along for high impact progress. 

As bloggers the end goal is always the blog traffic,  blog traffic mean visitors which leads to subscribers. Having a long list of subscribers validates that all the hard work is worth it.


Lets be honest, spending hours if not days working on a post that does not pick up traction sucks. Even worse is not knowing where to begin. It is all about the right place at the right time and figuring that out is super difficult.

I am Amanda and I run My blogging journey began at the beginning of 2017, Yep I am a new blogger and I am already selling what I have learnt. The reason why is because like you, the struggle I faced getting all of my hard work was real and well, highly frustrating. 


Simply put, it is as easy as downloading the guide and following along. Now this is not a guide that will teach you something you do not already know, I must stress that. What I am providing you with is information that will save you HOURS of your time. Such as Facebook groups that give the most traffic and a break down of what day to post what type of promotion. Also included is all the best Pinterest group boards that direct traffic my way and receive the most pins. In all there are pages of super handy pre planned and easy to follow schedules. All you need to do is join and few groups and follow along…. It is that simple.

You can grab a copy now for £5!

Lazy Bloggers Guide


I sat for weeks reading amazing ebooks and completing courses. Some of which I paid for and honestly some are amazing, others not so much. There is a vast amount of information out there to learn about WHY certain strategies work my brain literally hurt! I could take no more information on board, frustrated and giving up I began to think it would be much easer to have it all planned out for me.

LIGHT BULB moment or what, I sat there sourcing out the best places to promote my posts, where and when to post it. I joined many a group, tried them out and left the irrelevant one until I had the plan. To see it all on paper was such a relief, no more brain scrambling moments, just a plan. When it was finally done, I put it into action I hoped I would notice a difference in a month or so, I was wrong. The first day I saw a spike in views and it has only got better and better. As the months have passed, the content in which I post evolved, the plan I put into action has not failed me. Now, I am sharing it with you for a super low price.



You can even MAKE MONEY from us by joining our affiliate team here  , being part of team lazy will make you money while you sleep! Not just any amount I’m talking a huge 20% commission. Sign up and you will receive a FREE copy and The free images above are for you to share with all your readers/followers. 

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