Lifestyle change- The Journey – week 2

Lifestyle change- The Journey – week 2

I have been attempting a lifestyle change for months now and being honest it has not gone too well. The reason for a change of lifestyle is because my health is not the best. I wish to improve my mental health and increase energy levels. I attribute all of these reason to eating poorly and lack of movement and lets be honest, both of these things add on the  weight! A trimmer me would be great but I am not focusing on the weight loss too much.

be stronger than your excuses

Being stronger

One thing I have noticed is that I have the will power to do it. It’s a shame that It has been applied against a lifestyle change and not for it. Every excuse in the book to not to exercise; “I am too poorly” or ” I am too tired tonight”and even “I have no money to go shopping,” you name it I’ve used it.

Well it ends now! 


A goal without a plan is just a wish

Time to train the brain

Reason’s for a lifestyle change is sound however it is now time for action!. It is time to shake it up a little! In order to kick a habit one must re train the brain and solidify a new routine. 

21 days is believed to be the time it takes to form a new habit according to psychologist. 21 days is achievable, 21 days is an amount of days you can believe in and 21 days is not unbearable.

small changes can make a huge difference

Plan, plan & more planning

Time to form a plan that is not overwhelming however it needs to be a noticeable change in routine. 21 days is no time at all to form a new habit and an impact needs to be had. the two main challenges I face is food and willingness to exercise so, these are my impact points.

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diet plan, weekly diet plan for women


Following a strong plan of action is vital, it is un-wavering and hard to argue with. Being it on paper tricks the brain into thinking most of the hard work is done. Coming up with meal ideas can be a dow fall when it comes to sticking to a plan, this is when I turn to books it takes the fuss away from being indecisive and gets the excitement back into eating deliciously health foods.

Having a backup plan in key for those excuses! No time to go gym, well there is time to work out at home then.

full body home workout


I also like to do stretches whilst at my laptop using resistance bands, all time can be used to the lifestyle change advantage!


Food prep is going to be a lifesaver, trust me! Once the weekly planner is written & printed, write a shopping list, order it online and do a workout. If you prefer to head to the shops, great get those steps in! When the food is in your possession get preparing your meals. Personally I do this twice a week because I prefer fresh food. Sundays consist of making evening meals for the day, Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I prepare my evening meals for the night, Thursday and Friday. Lunches in the week are made the evening before, freeing up morning time for workouts. When I have more time on the weekend I create fresh meals. All my prepared food is stored in the fridge in cute containers that are portable, contain compartments and are dishwasher/freezer safe, again for ease. 

If you wish to see how I prep then check out youtube 

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Well there is my plan to success, to follow the journey hit up the social channels and subscribe for all the freebies! 


lifestyle change, before and after photos

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