Lifestyle Change – Week 3 – meal prep.

Lifestyle Change – Week 3 – meal prep.

This week’s lifestyle change theme has mostly been about meal prep and finding exercise I will enjoy. I have enjoyed this week and loved all of the food, even with doughnuts in the house I have been able to resist!


Meal Prep

Earlier in the week I wrote about how I am prepping my meals and it has been going well! I have not digressed once from my plan. Once thing I have noticed is that the more I eat, the more I am hungry. I am assuming that this is due to my digestive system kicking into the new way of things. I have had a little acid reflux this week with all the fruit I am eating so I will be looking for other snack ideas. If you have any please share, my tummy will thank you.


Food for thought

Next week I am looking forward to trying out new recipes and exploring different foods. This week’s chicken fest has kind of beat me!


Sticking to the goal?

I have carried out my home workouts every day as I promised myself but the gym, not so much. I need to learn to prioritise my time better. I have had so much going on with the blog that I have let time get away from me. On the plus side, I have 2 posts per week scheduled for the next few weeks, so I can focus more on the lifestyle change during the week. I have also signed myself up to try out a new class called LuvCycle which I am excited about. I will tell you how I get on with that in next week’s post. Next week I will do better!

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The verdict

3lbs off!

Super impressed with this as I have not been very active at all. There is still time over the weekend to squeeze in a few workouts at the gym, but we shall see next week if I have managed to do it.


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