Makeup kit – the basic tools

Makeup kit – the basic tools

Most people appreciate some form of makeup and let’s face it we all start as a beginner. Today we are going to be looking at makeup kit – basic tools and how to build the best kit to get started on your creative journey. 

From the bottom

Makeup is a creative outlet for any user but like most things there are rules. For example, powder should always follow liquids/ creams. With there being so many rules to learn it is useful to have what I call ‘my supplies’ in place. These are the holy grails of correction utensils to wipe away any wobble or stray sprinkle of glitter in a flash.


I adore using these for any and every makeup mishap. Easily clean a large surface area or sharpen up the edge of a Smokey eye. Wet wipes are the be all end all of the removal of makeup however the downside is once you wipe a makeup mistake away, re application is almost certian.

I adore these Johnson wipes as they are quick and they have enough moisture in them to easily remove makeup with little effort. A con would be the minimal amount you get in a packet however for the price I don’t complain.

Micellar water

great for clearing up the under eye in a jiffy! This packs a punch when it comes to removing the most stubborn of makeup like waterproof mascara or even eye kohl. A downside of micellar water is the residue left behind after use, I am yet to find one that does not leave a trace. I like this one by Garnier it does not sting my eyes or leave an uncomfortable amount of tackiness behind.

Cotton buds 

Excellent for cleaning up any slips with lower lash mascara. These little beauties are a true weapon for a makeup kit! They reach every nook and cranny to correct the smallest of mistakes made. These ones not only make my vanity look cute but they are sturdy too.

Cotton wool rounds

These handy dandy little rounds of goodness do many things. Not only assist with the application of micellar water to the face aka makeup removal but they are also fabulous for cleaning off makeup brushes for example between shades of eyeshadow during a smokey eye application. 

The Johnson’s baby ones are great value and super soft. I personally find the size on the smaller side of life but I can not argue with there effectiveness and value for money.

If you love this then you will enjoy beautifully affordable makeup brushes


To the top

I buy all of these products in bulk, my backups have backups! This is how I am never left with a makeup faux pas and nothing in the arsenal for support. I am ready for all potential catastrophes and my vanity looks cute in the meantime with these holding my army together

But I am thinking of possibly investing in this one to allow for more surface space for my makeup basic tools, what do you guys think?

For more tips on how I store my makeup check out Makeup storage & budget friendly hacks



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  1. 14/11/2017 / 4:40 PM

    Absolutely love your set up!! Completely agree with you on every point.

    Jacqui xxx