Money making blog in less than 6 months

Money making blog in less than 6 months

May was a great month, the blog had been up and running for 5 months. I liked May because May was the month when the blog began to start making money. Here are some top money making tips for a new blog that is growing an audience.

Back story

After just 1 month of blogging Blogerize made contact about jazzing up this site a little. An exciting opportunity that could not be missed. More about this can be seen here at The new and improved LazyGirllLoves thanks to Blogerize! The short version is a switch to being self-hosted was made therefore the learning curve began again. This opened the road to making money blogging.

Being self-hosted

New bloggers the best way to be able to monetize your blog is through being self-hosted. Self hosting is where your website is totally under your control because you choose a web server. Lazygirllloves uses iPage the blog in which you are currently reading is powered by these fabulous people. iPage keeps Lazygirllloves ticking with great speed, amazing pricing and the assistance is second to none. The freedom to choose the software you use is fabulous and the recommendations given by iPage prove to be very useful. 

The art of making money

There are a ridiculous amount of posts online stating that over 10,000 views per month is needed to make money. This is so very WRONG, making money with minimal views is possible. The view count for this blog is no way near that amount but here I am and still able to make a cheeky little side income. 

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The key component here is control as you hold the key to making you some money!

Tip 1

Find a strong host that is affordable because a fast acting site is essential. Granted it has to look good and be full of useful relevant posts because first an foremost a blog is what it is meant to be!


Know your niche through and through. If you are attempting to make money with something you know nothing about you will hit a brick wall fast. Enjoying what you do is vital as it can become time consuming if you allow it to. 

Tip 3

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money due to the ease of attaching a link a post. Research is recommended about trending products but if making money online is not your end goal then don’t worry. The links posted on here are not forced down the necks of readers, its just a mere recommendation of things that I personally love and use. This is done in such a way due to fact of I am not a sales person, I am a blogger who wants to share the word to fellow beauty lovers and bloggers about ahmazing products. You have to be in it to win it so sign up to a few affiliate marketing companies, two I use are Linkshare & Awin. 

Tip 4

Research and analyse social media till the cows come home because knowledge is power people! Being savvy when it comes to social media will only make it easier to gain views. Views become sales. Pinterest is the choice of ammo on here due to the amount of traffic it can provide and it is the fastest growing search engine for product ideas and reviews. Two things in which you will need to remember for later! The most invaluable advice I have received in regards to Pinterest came from Jennifer at PotPieGirl. Jennifer’s tireless endeavour with research enables her to provide the most extensive information about Pinterest out there! Pinterest Success Strategies is a personal fave that is referred back to weekly! Since the implementation of these strategies in February traffic has at least TRIPLED therefore so has sales and Ad revenue. 

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Tip 5

Keep your subscribers happy and get you know your following via email. When you know why they are here and what they like it becomes easier to offer them nothing but the greatest of content/savings/products. I do this with Leadpages the easiest to use of all the software I have! Here is where I build all of my options, emails and newsletters that keep my following engaged sales soaring. 


So there are my top 5 tips that make me money in my first 6 months of blogging. Don’t forget to sign up to emails to get my super successful social media strategy that gained me 5000 followers in 1 day! 




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