New Year Health Kick Starting To Wane? Try These Fun Ways To Get Fit!

New Year Health Kick Starting To Wane? Try These Fun Ways To Get Fit!

For many of us, exercise can seem like a real slog. Whether it’s pedalling away on a stationary bike, sweating on a cross trainer or running in the cold and rain at 6am before work- the thought probably doesn’t fill you with joy. But actually, exercise shouldn’t feel like torture and there really are fun ways to get fit. Now that January is over and your ‘new year new me’ motivation is wearing thin, here are a few ideas to liven up your fitness regime.


Join a Dance Class

There are all kinds of styles of dance out there, you could look into ballroom dancing at dance schools near you, you could join a Zumba group at your local gym, you could try street dancing, there are even tap and ballet lessons for adults. Dance gets your heart and lungs working so is great for fitness and weight loss, but will also help to tone the limbs by building lean muscle, improve flexibility and coordination. Plus, it’s fun too. Go along with a friend and it won’t even feel like exercise, you’ll be having far too much of a good time to be focusing on being sweaty and breathless.

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Go Hiking

Walking is one of the best kinds of exercise you can do. It’s free and accessible (you can walk anywhere!) everyone already knows how to do it, and you can adjust your pace and the distance you walk based on your fitness levels. Do some research and see if there are any hiking trails in your local area, otherwise you could drive to the countryside and hike there. You could walk along rivers, through meadows, up hills, even climb a mountain. Lots have easier trails so it can be done even if you’re not super fit. If you have a dog, take them along they will love it! The different terrain is good for toning the legs, and you will also tone your glutes, back, even your arms. Plus, think of all the cool photo opportunities you will get as you go walking in different places

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Go Swimming

As children, most of us saw swimming as such a treat– and that’s because it’s fun! Tap into the same mindset as an adult, and head down to your local pool. Again, swimming increases your cardiovascular system meaning it will improve fitness and help with weight loss and general health. But it also tones just about every muscle in the body helping you to look sleek. Because the water supports your weight, even if you have bad joints or back pain it’s an exercise you can do. Practice different strokes and aim to swim for around forty-five minutes to an hour per session. You could burn a huge seven hundred calories by doing so, which can really help to keep your weight in check.

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What activities do you enjoy and that keep you fit? Do you do any of these things regularly?

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