Spice Up Your Dull Fitness Routine

Spice Up Your Dull Fitness Routine

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As everybody knows the key in establishing and maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle is not to decide over your goals but to stick to them. You might want to lose weight as a fitness goal, but unless you work at it regularly, it’s not going to happen. And that’s precisely where most people struggle with a fitness regime. Motivation is the kind of fragile things that is almost impossible to maintain in the long term. Sure, I’d like to drop a dress size, but have you seen this yummy donut? It’ll be perfect with my favorite TV shows tonight. It would be unfair to call it laziness. Staying motivated is not a matter of just kicking your laziness in the butt. You need to be excited about your fitness program too. And excitement, as it happens, is difficult to fake if you’ve lost it. You can’t just draw a few glittering stars in your bullet journal around your gym schedule and hope for the best. You need to find new ways of making your fitness routine appealing. Here’s a first tip for you: Feeling guilty about skipping your workout day is not going to help. Instead, it’s about finding ways of making your fitness routine less boring.


The gym is just too boring

If you find that you’d rather stay a little longer at work than go to the gym, it’s time to be honest with yourself: Gym-based workouts may not be right for you. Whatever your best friend says about going to the gym and looking forward to legs day, if you find gym days dull, then you need to look for exciting alternatives. After all, there is no denying that going to the gym can be a boring ritual for a lot of people who are trying to get fit. Not everybody enjoys the idea of staying indoors to lift weights or running on a treadmill. Just because you don’t like the gym doesn’t mean that you can forget everything about your fitness objectives. When your routine remains the same, which is likely the be the case at your local gym studio, it’s no wonder that you feel bored. The best way to stay fit is to leave the dull workout behind. If the gym is not exciting, then you can try something else instead. There are other ways to stay fit, and they don’t include paying for a gym membership.

Bored of your gym routine?


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Introduce exercise into your day

A lot of people work long hours during the day, so the idea of making more time for fitness can feel like a punishment at the end of a long day. It’s perfectly natural to want to head back home instead of stopping for an hour at the gym.  After all, you’ve deserved the right to maintain a healthy workout/life balance, and if staying fit means less time with your friends and family, then it’s time to look for ways of introducing fitness in your everyday routine. For instance, you could cycle to work if you’re not too far from the office. You will need to look for a decent bicycle and a cycle insurance, but ultimately, you’ll be impressed by the rapid fitness results. If you live too far to ride a bike to work, how about going off the bus or tube one station earlier so that you can still introduce some sports? Ultimately, even if you need to drive to work, you can find the time to get fit at work, without looking ridiculous in front of your colleagues. Taking the stairs instead of the lift can make a great deal of difference at the end of the week. You can take regular mini-breaks to jog on the spot behind your desk, or even in the kitchen area too.


Find exciting workouts

If you find that you’ve still got time for a workout in the evening, but you just can’t deal with the idea of going to the gym, you can look for exciting alternatives. For instance, you can ditch your gym membership to join a dance school where you can learn street dancing or even start a Zumba routine. Dance is not only a fun way of keeping your cardio up to speed, but it also keeps you connected to your creative self. If you’re lucky enough to live in a rural area, why not go hiking during your spare time? You don’t need to be an expert climber to enjoy the picturesque trails in the mountains.


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Make your own activewear

Have you ever considered the excitement of wearing new fitness clothes? If you’re into DIY, you will love making your own fitness gear. Activewear fabrics are varied so that it’s not too difficult to find something breathable and funky to suit your tastes. As sewing gives you the freedom to wear clothes that fit your shape, you are guaranteed not to find anything more comfortable than homemade fitness gear. You can find plenty of activewear patterns online, and most of them come for free too!

Sew your own activewear gear


Get imaginative with post-workout snacks

Do you know that for a lot of people, the most excitement they get out of a workout is the thought of their post-sports snacks? Ultimately, you need to give your muscles something to recover after a hard workout, so it’s fair to think of your snacks as part of your fitness routine. For a start, snacks need to be healthy and low in calories. In other words, you can forget everything about that Mars bar. But a peanut butter protein bar or a handful of roasted chickpeas can work wonders.


Create new workout goals

Motivation is about looking forward to an objective and achieving it. More often than not, getting fit doesn’t appear like a solid enough goal. Instead, you need to focus on SMART goals that are measurable and defined over time. Whether it’s losing weight or getting stronger, the ability to measure your performance is part of maintaining your motivation.


Ultimately, taking boredom outside of your fitness routine requires some work, from ditching the gym to something more exciting to making your own fitness gear. The bottom line is that while the human body is designed to be active, the mind needs to be entertained in the process too.


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