Stop Your Online Spending

Stop Your Online Spending

Cut the excuses. You know that those online deals are way too easy to cave in to. Yes, those shoes might just be on sale and you could only have a few hours to take advantage of the deal… but you have to stop.

Because of the rise in online shopping sites, many of us have ended up losing a lot more money purely from spending as we scroll through our phones in the evening. If you are one of these people, you need some help in stopping yourself.


When it’s on sale

It doesn’t automatically give you a free pass to splurge when you see that sale sign online or through a newsletter. It is all too easy to go on ‘for a quick look’ and end up having half of your wardrobe shipped over in the best few days. Stay away from sales unless you actually need something, and at this point only look at the time you know you need. Be smart and restrain yourself.

When you’ve been working hard

Unless you are fortunate enough not to have to work, everyone works hard for a living. It doesn’t give you the excuse to start spending everything you have on random items. Unless you want to end up in debt or looking for guaranteed personal loans to help you out of the mud, you need to stop making the excuse and just get on with your day.


You’re getting a bonus

A bonus is one of those things which most of us immediately want to spend. Whether is is on a shopping trip or a holiday with our loved ones, and every so often this is fine. At the end of the day there is no point in spending your whole life working and not having. Sometimes though, put the money into savings for the future or even a project instead. It will still be used for something you want, it will just be something a little more practical.

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A new season

Yes yes, it is very exciting when a new season comes into stores, and the temptation to stock up on all of the dresses, jumpers or boots is almost too difficult to bear. Just remember that buying for the season isn’t always the best way to go. Always buy things that you know compliment your figure and ignore the passing trends, and by doing this you will embrace your unique style and also save money.


But I might use it someday…

This is the excuse to end all excuses and it is also the one you need to put to rest above all else. If you walk into a store and see a pair of skis on sale for a ridiculous price, it doesn’t mean that you need to go and book some lessons at your local slopes. The mentality we have of buying things because they MIGHT be useful one day is damaging to our wallets and needs to be stopped. Restrain yourself and stop buying things you won’t use!





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