Style starts with a handbag?

Style starts with a handbag?

There is one thing in this world I could happily spend all of my money on other than my loved ones, Bob and beauty of course. That one thing would be luxury handbag!

Outfit + handbag = huge hit could easily become outfit + handbag = epic miss with the incorrect choice of bag/purse. Here are the hottest of bags and the cult classics that will rock any outfit to super star status!

Now I would not call myself a trend setter, my style does not tend to change with the tide. I am creature of comfort and steer towards what I know when it comes to clothes. This includes colours, styles and items I know will suit my personality and style.

That is until a new bag catches my eye and I fall head over heels. Only then would 5 new outfits magically appear in the wardrobe that perfectly compliment said bag. For clarification, this only happens if the glorious handbag does not match the current collection of clothes owned.


Either way luxury handbags are a fashion staple, a ride or die statement piece of any outfit.

Oh hello Chloe…

Wether it be Chloe, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Mulberry or even YSL, I as a handbag lover do not discriminate! I love each and everyone of these perfectly crafted beauties. Be a bold bad ass with a killer print or rock a nude for subtle chic, whatever the event calls for we got you covered below.


mulberry handbag

Kate Spade Cobble Hill Adrien Bag

Photo by littlejstyle


Chloe Drew Bag

Image by


Festival fashion

For out inspiration during festival season check out Festival Outfits Inspiration 2017


Chanel handbag

Chanel over the shoulder.

Photo found here

YSL handbag

YSL small over the shoulder/clutch

photo can be found here


Protect your investment 

Prada Large tote 

find out more here



Louis Vitton handbag

Louis Vuitton 

Photo found here


Mulberry handbag

Mulberry Amberly satchel 

 Photo by Mulberry


Burberry handbag

Burberry Banner small leather shoulder bag

Photo By Selfridges

Chloe backpack

Chloe backpack

Photo by Mediamarmalade


Saint Laurent handbag

Saint Laurent large tote

Photo by Loelizabethuth


There you have my current favourite luxury bags and purses. If you have any bags you wish to share, shoot me comment below or hit me up on twitter or Instagram and share the knowledge! 

lots of loves




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