Weight Loss Journey: How to Help Others Like You

Weight Loss Journey: How to Help Others Like You

We often see shifting those spare bits of timber as a personal journey, and it is because you have to help yourself first. Once you’ve adjusted your life jacket, though, the next step is to help other people aka your friend. After all, one of the ways people like you and I lose weight is with the help of friends, loved ones, and experts. So, it’s only right that you use your knowledge and experience and reciprocate the favour. Because you’re not a personal trainer, it will sound like a tricky target to hit. In reality, it’s pretty simple with these four pearls of wisdom.


Don’t Be A Cheerleader 

Weight Loss Journey: How to Help Others Like You


The idea of not supporting your friend through a change sounds counterproductive. Without positive reinforcement, how are they going to stick to their routine? They aren’t, but there are many forms of help and being an overbearing cheerleader isn’t one. What happens is that the person thinks they are doing everything right because you are saying “keep trying; it’s not your fault!” Unfortunately, they may be making mistakes relation to weight loss which need modifying if they are going to hit their targets. Be supportive with your help, but be ready to tell them a few home truths, politely and encouragingly, of course.


Share The Facts

Saying things like “never use diet pills because they are dangerous” isn’t helpful. For starters, it isn’t true because Alli weight loss pills have very good reviews. Mainly, it’s wrong to do because generalisations are vague and restrictive. Yes, certain tablets are risky and need avoiding like the plague, yet others are fine with a healthy diet and regular exercise. From your experiences, you can say what worked for you and what didn’t and put them on the right path. The same goes for everything from workout clothes to food and protein shakes.


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Avoid Self-Righteousness

Just because you have dropped a few pounds  on your weight loss journey doesn’t mean your friend should follow the same rules. In general, men and women are unique and require different tactics to reach their goals. As someone who has been through the process, it’s essential that you try and drill this into their head at every turn. Because you have succeeded, they will want to replicate what you did without thinking “is this right for me?” Don’t hold back info, but do pass it around with a disclaimer. ***Note: this/these aren’t for everybody and you should do what makes you feel comfortable or risk quitting.


Always Involve Them

Weight Loss Journey: How to Help Others Like You

Weirdly, helping other people shed a stone or two is as exciting as doing it yourself. If you’re someone that likes to help, it’s tempting to stick your nose in and take control. As a rule, it’s a terrible idea because it excludes from their goal. As soon as the going gets tough, the tough will get going right back to their unhealthy habits. For it to stick, your friends, loved ones, etc. have to get excited and want to make a change. Otherwise, it will be a flash-in-the-pan fad.


Are you ready to move onto the next step in the journey?

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