Turn A Love Of Fitness Into A Career

Turn A Love Of Fitness Into A Career

Once you get a love for fitness it is hard to let it go. It suddenly becomes a way of life that you just can’t get out of. If you know you’re in the gym all the time, or perhaps love going for a run or a bike every day, then you should try and turn your love for fitness into a career. Having a passion for something is great, but having a passion for your job is even better. It really isn’t that hard to have a career that is based around fitness either. To show you some of the best, we’ve created this article to outline the career paths that you could go down.

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Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is the obvious route to go down. It is a way of getting into the gym. The place you most likely love so much, and watching transformations happen each day. Becoming a personal trainer isn’t too hard. All you need to do is get a basic qualification and get into a gym that will be prepared to train you up. The career prospects are amazing if you enter into the fitness world the right way. Celebrity trainers have the potential to earn hundreds of thousands each day. To get to that level all you need to do is build a name for yourself and work your way up. Build up a client base through the gym you work with, and then take yourself freelance and work your way up that way. You might not start off with the best pay, but if you work your way up to celebrity level you’ll never look back.

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A teacher is a completely different route to go down. But it is probably one of the most rewarding. The children you’ll be teaching will come from all different backgrounds, a lot of them will actually hate sports and exercise. But when you can transform someone and give them a love for fitness, it’ll truly be rewarding. A lot of kids can use fitness and sports as an outlet, a way of distracting themselves from the other things that might be going on in their life. You never know, you could be teaching the next top athlete, or footballer etc. It is the passion that you already have that will help them to grow as individuals. There is room of progression when you’re a teacher. You can progress to head of department etc. There just might not be as much money in it as there is with personal training.


Sports Coach

A sports coach might be slightly more up a few people’s streets. But to be a sports coach you first actually need to be really talented at a sport. If you know you are, then this is the career path for you. There’s a potential to work with some of the world’s top athletes through this career as well. So money earning potential is high. You will have to work as a low-level sports coach for a long while before you get high up enough to work with the elite.



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