Week 1 Weight loss Vlog

Week 1 Weight loss Vlog

It is week 1 of the weight loss vlog journey. It has been a good week over all but I have realised how much work I have to put in to reach my goal. Granted my goal is a healthier and more active lifestyle but the amount of will power I have has been tested and broken a little this week. Here is week one.

What went well

  1. I have doubled my water intake 
  2. I have become more active, I may not have been to the gym a lot but nearly 10,000 a day is pretty good for me.
  3. I have stuck at it. Even while being poorly I have tried my very best and for that I am proud!

What could be better

  1. My food. I may have over done it with the treats this week BIG time. I know Christmas time is going to be a struggle with all the cake, sweets and mulled wine BUT I need to stay on track.
  2. Increase my gym sessions. I am aiming to get in the gym at least twice this week. This also includes reaching more steps than week 1.
  3. Stick at it. This is where I normally fall off the wagon because the excitement beings to dwindle. Not this time, I am determined to stick at this lifestyle change.


Recipe of the week

During this Vlog I made a my slimming world friendly Chilli Con Carne. I love to make this during the week as it is fast to make and really tasty. I could not rate slimming world more for weight loss!.  Here is my recipe.


slimming world recipe